Hey, hello, hi - my name is TONYVOUS and welcome to my online style diary, which essentially is a long-winded way of saying "blog".

I am a ketchup loathing fashion enthusiast who lives in greyscale clothing and white sneakers - Vancouver, Canadia if you really want to get down to the details. As a devoted citizen in the fast-paced world that is fashion, I noticed there was a lack of menswear bloggers who share my contemporary aesthetic - a sucker for anything with clean lines and structured silhouettes. Long story short, I'm actually pretty basic. On September 2016, I launched this blog as a creative platform to combine my love for style, lust for travel, and to liberate my closeted fat kid. I'm a minimalist with a maximalist's desire for adventure and thought. That being said, tonyvous.com is not just for me - it's a space for like minded individuals to seek inspiration and form a community of boys who dress like girls who dress like boys (I know. I've even confused myself - oh, and girls are totally welcomed too).

So, if you are as big of a dork for fashion or just dislike ketchup as much as I do - I think we should be friends. I'm excited to share my moments with you!

Feel free to get in touch with me via email at hello@tonyvous.com or give my social media links a follow at the bottom of my website.

**all official social media accounts are @tonyvous