So, last month I turned 25. I know, buckle up because here comes the mid-life crisis. When I was a lot younger this was the birthday that I grew up dreading. Everyone always said that this is the age when your life starts to go downhill - the hangovers are so much more real, you gain weight a lot easier, and you no longer get away with things simply by batting your eyelashes or putting on your best puppy dog face. You're an adult now. Shit gets real and let me just say, they weren't wrong (about the adulting part). But as I woke up the day after celebrating my birthday, with no hangover, I realized that it's really not that bad. I mean, I'm only a little over a month in but so far so good!

In the last year of my early 20s I did a lot of reflecting, learned a lot more about myself and became someone who I was proud of. I reminisced on those years and realized how different I am now compared to my early 20s when I thought I had everything figured out. Which is why I started to curate a list of 24 things I learned at 24. 

1. Be patient - especially when it comes to others and the "good things" in life. 

2. Do what you want regardless of what people tell you to do. Do what feels right. Do what makes you happy. 

3. Quality over quantity (also falls in line with being patient) - this applies to the people you surround yourself with, purchase, and your efforts in everything.

4. Take time to get to know who you are and where you come from. You'd be surprised at how much you still have to learn about yourself. It literally never stops. 

#BONVOUSYAGE - Cat Ba, Vietnam

#BONVOUSYAGE - Cat Ba, Vietnam

5. The importance a of visiting somewhere new at least once a year. There is so much out there to experience and so much to see. 

6. You really have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé, so do something. Don't sit around aimlessly scrolling on your phone or stuck in a Netflix or some sort of social media vortex. However, a cheat day here and there is always allowed. I'm totally guilty of it.

7. Sometimes jumping ship is required in order to grow. This last year, I left a company I had worked with for a few years because I felt that there was no room for growth for me. I jumped ship, switched gears and am now happier and growing quickly professionally and as a person. 

8. Be a "go-getter." If you want something, go get it. Because whatever it is won't come to you while you sit on your ass. Trust me, I tried and it doesn't work. 

9. Alcohol hurts. A lot. Both your head the following morning and your bank account. Why spend your hard earned money on drinks when you can wear it or travel with it instead? 

10. That being said, money is just paper with a face on it. Don't stress out on how much you have or don't have - make enough to get by. No one needs millions and millions of sheets of paper anyway. 

11.  Ask for help. It's not a sign of weakness - I promise. 

12. Don't apologize, unless you really are sorry - even if it's the Canadian thing to do.

13. Speak up. Use your mouth, it's not for decoration. 

14. No one is ever as "cool" as you think they are or as they present themselves on social media. Chances are someone thinks the same about you even though you're probably low key weirdo. 


15. When something doesn't go as planned, always look for the silver lining.

16. Open your eyes and look around! 

17. Laugh. At least once a day - Doctor's orders.  

18. Reward yourself for acts of bravery and proud accomplishments. This could be as little as a gold star or as big as a new pair of designer shoes. 

19. Take as much "me time" as you need. It'll keep you sane. 

20. Likes and follows do not make the world go round.  

21. It's better to surround yourself with a handful of people who genuinely care and support you versus a large number of superficial people who do the opposite. No drama. No competition. (Refer back to point #3 - quality over quantity). 

22. Take risks, you never know what will come from them. 

23.  There is no rule book on the actual game of life and even if there was one rules are meant to be broken anyway.

24. Mosquitos really like me. And I mean REALLY like me.