I swear some days it's just so difficult to get out of bed - just five more minutes, but you actually mean five more hours. And once you've finally mustered the strength to move there's the next step of getting ready and deciding what to wear which ultimately makes you want to curl back into a ball and pull the sheets over your head all over again. Maybe it's because of what feels like the longest and coldest winter we've ever had in years, but I know I'm not the only one who's snoozed their alarms one too many times in the morning. On my laziest days, I try to make my morning routine as painless as possible - which means having my closet stocked with classic pieces where I can outfit my day within minutes and still look chic, effortless, and comfortable.

I am excited to announce that I have recently partnered with Frank + Oak on their "First Time Shop" program to help you build your closet staples and ultimately fit in that extra twenty minutes in Snoozeville. With my partnership you get a full outfit for $59, so we've essentially done the brain work for you - you can thank me later. For more information on Frank + Oak's "First Time Shop" program works or what pieces you can choose from - click here!

In today's outfit I wanted to look casual yet elevated, so I chose Frank + Oak's 'Andover' Stretch Dress Shirt in white and half tucked it into their 'Dylan' Denim in classic black, slid on my lazy day shoes (aka the good ol' Gucci Princetown slippers) and called it a day. I honestly don't think I've gone from bed to out the door so quickly before - totally dangerous because I'll probably be doing this everyday from now on.

photos by: John Bello |

photos by: John Bello |

Outfit: Frank + Oak | Shoes: Gucci