For the majority of the fashion industry, we can say that black is hands down the chicest "colour" in any wardrobe - it's classic, always in style, and goes with pretty much everything. Despite what some people claim, there is no "new black." However, the tricky thing about wearing black all the time is transitioning it into your closet when the climate starts to heat up - I know I definitely struggle with outfitting in the Spring and Summer or even when I jet off to a tropical destination. There was a quote that I heard in a video once that said, "you're weak if you can't wear black in the Summer." So, this is a nod to my fellow warriors out there who are still dressed in black even when it feels like you're being cooked from the inside out. Hopefully these outfits will help inspire you all and give you ideas on how to rock the darkest shade in the crayon box.


Switch up your leathers and knits for a clean denim jacket. This adds that extra layer piece to your outfit without being too heavy during the day, but also keeping you a little warmer when the temperature drops at night. I know I've definitely been wearing the hell out of mine lately.

I don't tend to wear shorts as often as I used to, but when I do I try to stick to tailored shorts as I find that they will elevate/smarten up my outfit. The tailored aspect also make it easier for you to transition from casual to dressy so you don't need to pack extra pieces or run home to change before going out again.

The boiler suit has been around for years - even before the whole "romp-him" trend people were freaking out about as we were transitioning into the Summer time. The best part of it all is that it's a whole outfit in one, so on your really lazy days you can just throw on your favourite boiler suit and you've got a complete lewk. If you haven't noticed yet, I like to keep things really easy here on tonyvous.com (why should only girls have the easy way out?)


Denim is a colour right? It's my little cheat for brightening up/adding colour to my wardrobe without having to worry about going out of style next season.


I always feel that wearing oversized pieces help keep you cooler since there's more room for your body to breathe, but there is also more fabric around to catch a bit of that Summer breeze. What I also love is how oversized pieces can help hide when you've been to one too many barbecues or if your body isn't quite beach ready. Life's short, so go ahead and have that burger!

Same kind of trick as pairing your favourite black items with denim - mixing your blacks with other colours on the grayscale spectrum will also help "brighten" up your look while still achieving that minimal and monochromatic moment. I find myself dressing in this tip more so than all black during the warmer months of the year.

photos by: John Bello |  www.johnbello.ca

photos by: John Bello | www.johnbello.ca

Like I said in my previous post, the key to rocking an outfit made up of only basics comes down to how you style it and the silhouette that is created. You can wear your essentials with statement accessories or use subtle styling details (like the good ol' half tuck or rolling up your sleeves) to jazz them up. I love me some basics and as soon as you add an elevated element to them... I'm all. over. it.