Valentine's, Galentine's or Singles Awareness Day aka SAD - Happy whatever you're celebrating this year!
This is my first single Valentine's Day in three years which is kind of lame if I'm completely honest, but on the plus side it's teaching me a lot about self love and being comfortable on my own again. After all, who said Valentine's Day is only about celebrating your love for somebody else when recognizing that a love for yourself is just as important? So, to all of my readers who are flying solo today; grab your favourite bottle of wine, order in some pizza (they have heart shaped ones and they're literally SO CUTE), pop on whatever series you're currently binge watching, and spoil yourself rotten. You're fucking bomb and you deserve today just as much as any couple celebrating today.

**Note: I may or may not have done the above today. Well, I planned to but my friends were nice enough to do a roommates Galentine's night.


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